Our School Vision

We believe that the school should be a place where all pupils, regardless of their ability, level of skill or aptitude should be stimulated and engaged to explore and develop their own understanding so that they can achieve beyond.

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The School's Mission Statement

Knowledge, Character, Community

The Mission Statement means Knowledge, Character, Community raised achievement of all students through:

- Developing the full potential of each child

- Maximising the opportunities for all to flourish

- Pursuing Excellence

- Valuing the individual

- Working together

- Preparing each child for a fulfilling role in a changing world.

Our School Ethos

At Mohamed Sathak Dastagir Matriculation Hr.Sec.School, teaching and learning happens in a happy and purposeful environment where each and every member of the school community is valued.

We are privileged that our teachers and students represent many different cultures; this creates a richness and diversity within the school. Students experience a variety of teaching styles within which there may be formal teacher led lessons, group work, and investigation style and child-centred approaches. Information Technology is a central part in the learning process.

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Our School History

- To create a happy, caring and ordered environment in which pupils can feel secure and work to the best of their ability.

- To provide opportunities for pupils to be involved in many independent and inter-dependent areas of learning and experience.

- To help pupils develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds.

- To help pupils develop communication skills.

- To instil in pupils a sense of achievement.

- To help pupils develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs.

- To encourage respect for others regardless of colour, creed, gender, personal or cultural background.

- To help pupils understand and respect the society and world in which they live.